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Wire-Wrapped Rings


Customizable wire-wrapped rings made with tarnish resistant copper wire.

Your choice of copper, stainless steel, or bronze.

Choose between a wrapped or beaded style.

*Choose your stone*

An Erie Sunset.jpg

necklaces • pendants • amulets


Each piece is intuitively crafted.

Custom wraps available upon request!

Have your own stones, resin, bones (or any other item) and want it transformed into a wearable piece?
Contact us for your own unique wrap!

Adrift and at Peace.jpg

Handcrafted crystal, bone, and resin earrings.

(All bones/animal parts are ethically sourced. We do not support/condone the harming of any living creature.)


The Invitation.jpg

runes +& oddities

beyond sight runes.jpg

Hand-crafted runes made from scavenged wood.

Animal bones from the backwoods of Kentucky

Resin creations and more!


Archived Creations


Looking for a specific design not currently available in the shop? Check out the archived creations and find exactly what you're looking for!

All designs in the archives are fully customizable and can be replicated using any stone/wire/item combos

Get ideas for your own custom piece!

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