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Copper Crystal Earrings

Copper Crystal Earrings


Copper earrings w/ red jasper, dragon blood jasper, tiger's eye, obsidian, & spinel


1.75" x .5"

Jasper is known as the "supreme nurturer", bringing tranquility during times of stress. Jasper aligns the chakras, with each color being appropriate to a specific chakra. Facilitating shamanic journeys and dream recall, Jasper absorbs negative energies while providing protection. Jasper imparts determination, courage, and honesty with yourself. Red Jasper rectifies unjust situations, bringing problems to light and providing insight into the most difficult situations. 


Dragon Blood Jasper instills great courage and adaptability. Used in ancient warrior rituals to summon the dragon's energy, or kundalini, Dragon Blood Jasper strengthens us to persist through hardships by becoming more resilient and adaptive to ever-changing circumstances. It surrounds the aura and protects from dense energies like self-doubt. Dragon Blood Jasper instills a strong sense of passion and curiosity, making it ideal for those wishing to embark on a spiritual journey. With courage and curiosity we are able to explore the shadows of self and transcend to a higher level. 

Tiger's Eye combines the energies of earth and sun to create a high vibrational state that is also grounded, drawing the spiritual energies to the earth. Tiger's Eye is a protective stone, traditionally carried as a talisman against curses and negative energies. It aids in recognizing and overcoming issues of self-worth and blocked creativity, allowing us to heal and utilize our talents. Tiger's Eye is particularly useful for aiding mental disorders and alleviating depression. Placed on the third eye, it enhances psychic abilities.


Obsidian is formed when molten lava cools quickly with no time to crystallize. Obsidian is a truth-seeking stone and its reflective qualities make it merciless in exposing flaws, weaknesses, and blockages. With the aid of Obsidian we can uncover and confront the underlying reasons for mental stress and tension. Obsidian is a powerful protective stone, forming a shield against negative energies and blocking negative psychic and spiritual influences. Obsidian urges exploration of the unknown and instills the courage to peer into our shadows, teaching us to integrate and dispel the patterns that no longer serve us. 


Spinel is a stone of renewal and rejuvenation, facilitating the flow of energy up through the chakras. Black Spinel is a protective stone that connects to the vibrations of the earth, channeling them to restore our energy reserves when needed. 


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