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Rattlesnake Bone Rings

Rattlesnake Bone Rings


Rattlesnake bones wrapped in copper, stainless steel, or bronze.


In many Native cultures, rattlesnakes are revered and seen as highly spiritual creatures. Their ability to shed their skin is associated with fertility and new life, thought to facilitate childbirth. Given their connection to the spirit world, serpents are believed to act as guardians of places of power and portals. 


    All sales are final. No refunds or returns.

  • Bones

    All of our animal bones are ethically sourced or found while hiking. No animals are harmed in any of our creations.

  • Appearance

    As all of our creations are handmade using different pieces, no two rings will look identical. Your ring may appear different from the pictures depending on the size and shape of the bone used.

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